Six Home Trends That May Not Be Worth It

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We all have seen beautiful pictures of homes perfectly set up on Pinterest and wondered to ourselves, “why doesn’t my home look like that?” The truth is, our homes don’t look like that because they are wonderfully lived in! Kids, pets and family members all create their own spaces and their own messes. It doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things, but these six home trends might be too much trouble to be worth it!

1. Vessel sinks. The raised bowl looks Pinterest-worthy and brings your home’s aesthetic to another level. However not only do you have to clean the inside of the sink, but the entire outside as well! Also depending on the water pressure, these bowls have a tendency to send water everywhere!vessel sink2. Claw foot tubs. These tubs look fantastic in your home! They are also high-maintenance when it comes to cleaning. Careful when stepping out because of the high sides and if you are using it as a shower, you will need extra shower curtains to keep the water from going everywhere.

3. Open shelving. How many fun pictures have you seen of open shelving with all of the pretty plates and dishware artfully mixed up for all to see? While this idea is fun, it also attracts dust and grease that needs to be cleaned constantly!
open shelving4. Chalkboard walls. This type of painting was a bit of a craze a few years ago and still hangs on due to fun new crafts with it. However many people are surprised to find out that chalkboard paint is thick and it is very difficult to paint over. In addition, chalk doesn’t write cleanly and the wall ends up looking dusty and dirty after awhile. Instead, trying just hanging a chalkboard on your wall to use!

5. White furniture. It seems everything this year is turning to some shade of white. Walls, floors, cabinets, couches, ottomans and more! White equals cleanliness, and it is easy to pair with any décor. However white anything requires a lifestyle change of being cognizant of every pair of dirty sneakers, pants, hands, etc. Forever cleaning up to make sure it is pristine is a lot of work!

6. Long drapes. Sure it brings a dramatic, luxurious look but it also is more to take care of. Drapes that connect to the ground will need to be washed more often from pet hair and dirt, and they are never easy to get back up and exactly how you want them.
long drapesAll of these home trends are beautiful and will elevate your home in their own ways. Now it is up to you to decide if they are worth it or not! #ShorewestRealtors #TrendWatch #Pinterest

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