About Essam Elsafy

I often say that working with a Realtor is like being in a short-term marriage. Like choosing your life partner, choosing your Realtor is an important decision. So how do you decide? The qualities you desire in any relationship are the same ones that you need in your Realtor.

I have been blessed to be married since 1996 to an amazing person, and together we have three magical children that enrich and fulfill our lives. When you make the right relationship decision you know it. It just feels right.

Mutual respect, honesty, laughter, more listening-less talking, and the knowledge that we will always be there for each other; those are the hallmarks of every healthy relationship. These are the qualities that I live by. These are the qualities that I want us to have. When we become real estate partners you will always know, Essam will take care of me.

What about experience, knowledge, accomplishments? Sure, I have those too. But perhaps that's what makes me different. Others want to talk about how many millions they've sold. I want to listen to you. Others will speak to you in clichés. I will tell you what you need to know-not what you want to hear. Others will tell you what to think. I will empower you with knowledge so you can make the best decision.

My Pledge to You:

  • To work at your pace
  • To represent you with complete professionalism
  • To use experience, creativity, and analytical skills to your advantage
  • To use the latest technology to your benefit
  • To use great hand-holding skills
  • And of course, to always take care of you.

Whether it's getting your home sold or finding the right place to plant roots, helping you is the most important thing that I'll do today. Call me right now. And let it be the start of a wonderful new relationship.

Shorewest, REALTORS® Recognizes Essam Elsafy with the Raymond A. Marotte Award

Brookfield, Wisconsin. Shorewest, REALTORS® is proud to congratulate Essam Elsafy of Shorewest’s Northshore Office who received the Raymond A. Marotte Award.

Shorewest presents the Raymond A. Marotte Award to a Shorewest sales associate or Wisconsin Mortgage loan officer who is nominated by co-workers. The individual is one who best exemplifies professionalism, honesty, dedication and loyalty to clients, company and the industry.

The award is named in honor of the company’s first associate, Raymond A. Marotte.

When nominating Essam, his co-workers wrote:

  • "The most dedicated, professional, giving person I know. Essam is always willing to share ideas with his peers and offer advice, no matter how busy. He is a truly exemplary employee and mentor to many, and a very inspiring individual, both on and off the job."
  • "As busy as Essam is, he always takes the time to share expertise with others, whether at sales meetings or in our cubes. He talks to everyone with respect and is a pleasure in our office environment."
  • "He is a team player through and through, selfless with his time and energy as well as ideas."
  • "Essam has contributed so much to our company and helps with the development of new agents. He always attends meetings and believes the growth of Shorewest as a company is a benefit to everyone of us, and working as a team is the best way to achieve success."
  • "Not only does he have the time to be a top agents and wonderful family man, but he is willing to share his many talents with his fellow agents."
  • "Essam is a perfect example of what a professional real estate agent should be. He is always fair, objective and dedicated to the growth of Shorewest and proves this through constant support of his fellow agents. Essam is involved in many events in the North Shore area, showing that both he and Shorewest are supportive of our community and customers."

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